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Camping can be so much fun, but there are times when it seems everything goes wrong. Well, what about the person who as never been camping before, and doesn't even know where to start. I thought about this, and I came up with the idea, why not write a book for each stage of camping. Starting with tent camping, then pop up trailers, then on to travel trailers, and finally motorhomes. We are also looking into some of the special types of camping, like Motorcycle camping, car camping, caravan camping and more. But, first we will be starting with the basic camping.

The Camping Handbook (tents) can be purchased at

1. Lets take a look at what it takes to go camping

2. Camping check list

3. Tents

4. Sleeping Bags

5. Cooking Equipment

6. Camping Stoves

7. Camping Food

8. and much more

36 page filled with information on tent camping, and camping equipment.

Available on Kindle at

The Camping Handbook (Pop Up Trailers)

1. Dry hitch weight or trailer Ball loads

2. Hitches

3. Now let look at the pop ups them self

4. Guide On How To Buy A Good Used Camper Trailer

5. Avantages-and-disadvantages-of-folding-campers

6. Equipment you will need.

7. Setting up

And More

25 Pages about Pop Up Trailers Available on Kindle at $3.50

The Camping Handbook (travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers)

1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2 What we will need to tow the trailer.

3 Other equipment you will need.

4 You first camping trip 5 At the camping site.

6 Packing up to go home

7 You are now back home:

And more27 Pages about Travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers. Available on Kindle at

The Camping Handbook (Motorhome)

Table of Consents

Chapter 1 Getting formalize with motorhome is where we will be starting.

Chapter 2 First Trip

Chapter 3 Camping

Chapter 4 Packing to leave home

Chapter 5 Winterizing your Motor Home

Chapter 6 Maintenance

Chapter 7 Conclusion

The Camping Handbook (motorcycle Camping)

Chapter 1 Start

Chapter 2 Things to Consider when Buying a Motorcycle Tent

Chapter 3 Camp Fire Cooking/ Some Does and Don’ts of Camp Fire Cooking

Chapter 4 An Overview of Motorcycle camping trailers

Chapter 5 Traveling America by Motorcycle

Chapter 6 Motorcycle Care

Chapter 7 Tires

The Camping Handbook (Car Camping)

Chapter 1 Car Camping

Chapter 2 Basic travel gear / Things to take on every trip

Chapter 3 Food

Chapter 4 outdoor recipes:

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