Motorcycle Camping Equipment

Motorcycle Camping Equipment

Before we go into motorcycle camping equipment. Lets take a look at a few things.

The weight your cycle will carry, including passenger and You.

The length of you camping trip.

The time of year.(winter, summer, rainy season. The cost.

Lets take a look at these four item first before we get in to equipment.

"The weight your cycle will carry, including passenger and yourself." A 650cc can carry 500 lbs, so lets use this number, yes I know the bigger the bike the more weight or not. Totals Start with 500 lbs 500 lbs 500 You weight 180 lbs -180 lbs 320 Your passenger 120 lbs -120 lbs 200 Tent 6 lbs - 6 lbs 194 sleeping bags 4 lbs EA. - 8 lbs 186 cookware for 2 1 lbs - 1 lbs 185 Sleeping pad 3.5 lbs Ea. - 7.0lbs 178 Cloths for ea. 15 lbs Ea. - 30 lbs 148 Food for 1 day 4.73 oz Ea.meal 1.77lbs 146.23 Rain Gear 1.38 lbs ea 2.75lbs 143.48

That covers the basic needs, no other items.

Well, I will put it in a trailer, in that way I can carry more. Wrong This is what one biker said about trailers: "How about a trailer? Well, if you are talking about putting all that excess gear on a trailer that's being pulled by a motorcycle that's being driven by the rest of the excess weight, that sounds like a great idea. However, I'm not the one to ask if you want someone to tell you that it's OK to pull a trailer with your motorcycle. No motorcycle manufacturer condones using its bike to tow a trailer, and my experiences doing so leave me in agreement. I know that trailer-pullers tell you that they "don't even know it's there." This astounds me. Maybe they have lost all feeling it their gluts. I have never been able to pull a trailer on a motorcycle unaware that it was there. It reminds me constantly and it feels like a warning. Furthermore, the idea of trying to panic-stop a bike with a trailer dragging behind gives me cold chills. I have not towed a trailer with a motorcycle, but I have tow many trailers with my truck, you know its back there.

I know a lot of motorcycle campers use the 3 wheel (trikes) bikes, they have there problems also.

"The length of you camping trip." Maybe more supplies. I would not carry more then one days supply of food. That will cover you for your first day , from then on, before I camped for the night I would stop for supplies.

"The time of year.(winter, summer, rainy season."

In this case you know you are going to have to carry cloth for the different weather conditions.

"The Cost"

This could be real hard to figure out. You have to look at how long you are going to be out, your food, camping fee's, gas.

It sound like I am trying to talk you out of going motorcycle camping. This is not my intent, I just want you to think of all the thing is requires before you get out there. ALSO think safety.

Now lets get to Motorcycle camping equipment.

I found REI has a good selection of camping gear. They have good spec. sheet on just about everything, so you can see the weights.

I found if you go to a store that sells motorcycle accessories they didn't have what I was looking for,or for my motorcycle. Go to your motorcycle dealership. Yes, It may cost you a bit more, but you get what will fits your bike.

Motorcycle Camping Equipment