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Anyone for some ice? No not in your drink, fishing that is! I have put away the fly vest and my favorite summer shorts for another year.

This is a time where I almost shed a tear or two because I know open water fishing has ended here in Alberta. I will now have to dig out those winter boots that have been collecting dust and try and find the winter parka that is hiding somewhere or other.

We now trade our spinning and fly gear for those plastic contraptions called tip-ups. Here in a province where winter makes up almost half our fishing season, we need to prepare for the ice relatively early compared to some states and provinces. Preparation is a word I have become all too familiar with after painful days of cold hands, and cold feet for hours on end.

What does a guy/girl really need when venturing out onto an ice covered lake? Here are some of the things I take with me when I decide to scratch that fishing itch. Let's assume that we are going to be driving right onto the lake and parking within ten yards of the hole we are going to drill.

The Clothing Clothing will be the most important part of your list as we all want to keep warm and dry as we venture out for a day on the ice. Gloves made of neoprene or polar fleece will be essential to keep your hands warm while jigging or while pulling up your trophy from the depths of the lake. Keeping your hands warm and dry will keep you from packing up and going home early.

Headgear that covers the whole head, face and skin is what I prefer to use. Material made with acrylic and Dacron which is designed to keep your skin dry and comfortable is what I use when ice fishing. Proper underwear is highly recommended such as long johns and long-sleeved t-shirts. I use a full snowsuit when ice fishing, snowsuits are fairly cheep and provide maximum protection against the cold and wind. Boots that are lined with heavy duty lining will work best, look for boots that are rated for below -20 Degrees C. Remember you are standing on a sheet of ice and your feet will suffer if you do not have adequate footwear.

The Tackle Ice fishing is quite different than fishing on the open water and therefore requires a different fishing rod.I know people have a hard time parting with money but these rods are quite inexpensive and they best suit your fishing situation. How many anglers have you seen using that old multi species fishing rod that they have owned since the early eighties? Although these rods may still catch fish, you are at a disadvantage with regards to sensitivity, action and responsiveness. The new rods made from high quality graphite will outperform that old beast any day.

Ice fishing is exactly like freshwater fishing where a fisherman needs to have different rod's and reels for different fishing species and different applications. Line will also need to be considered as the monofilament from the summer will not cut it out in the freezing cold. There are specialty lines available that are designed for cold weather fishing. These new lines maintain their suppleness in severe cold and will not coil up as badly as regular mono will come winter. My name is Mike and I am an avid spin fisherman in my home town of Calgary, Alberta Canada. I fish rivers and streams with most of my fishing centered on the world famous Bow River. I have been fishing these waters for over 15 years of my life and have learned many techniques to land monster Trout and many others species of fish. Here at the Bow River Blog I discuss Fishing Rivers and streams in the province of Alberta and beyond. Fishing Tips for beginners and seasoned anglers are discussed also. My primary purpose is to share my experiences with you the reader to help you escape your mind, and be here with me fishing the Bow River and all the Rivers I fish.

I am truly grateful that a world famous river exists right out my back door. I hope you enjoy our fishing journey here at Bow River Blog. Article Source: