Fulltime RVers

Fulltime Rvers

I’ve always said that Fulltime RVing has a tendency to strengthen families . A balance between family and self is soon obtained. Don't hesitate to tell that family that you just need some space for a while. I always went to play golf by myself, and that got me out of the RV, by myself for a little bit of piece and quiet, and gives my family a break from me also.

Traveling is what retired people look forward to and what better way to do this than take your home with you! You never have to pack, and you'll never forget a thing when you go visit! Traveling alone, you don't need the hassle of maneuvering a big Class A; a typical Class C is fine. You'll have a lot more options about where you can go and what you can do.One of the biggest adjustment'full-time RVers make is scaling down from a multi-room house or apartment to a couple hundred square feet of living space. Some of the adjustments seem obvious from the start, and others take time to learn. Since the time-consuming ones can be costly and wasteful, here's a head start for those of you who are new to the full time RVing lifestyle.

Again, you need to estimate the puts and takes. For instance, when we moved from our townhouse to a motor home, we no longer had expenses for a mortgage, property tax. Again this can be easily solved, but you must read the contract. Again, not checking can be costly.

We know this lifestyle isn't for everyone.

Fulltime RVers