Car Camping

Car camping

Car Camping is not just camping in your car, but a way to transport all your camping gear to your campsite, so that you don't have to carry it in yourself. And if you are as big as I am, camping in your car is not going to be very comfortable. The back of a pick up truck is a different thing.

Car camping is possible if you have a large minivan, SUV, Sedan or Station Wagon with seats that lay down. However remember blankets and pillows are a must. Keep in mind that desert environments can be very hot during the day but freezing cold at night.

Car camping goes by many different names. Some call it RVing, others call it caravanning, and still others simply call it camping. At its root, car camping is simply the use of a motor vehicle to get to a campsite. This differs from other forms of camping, such as backpacking or staying at a "walk-in" campsite, which is essentially inaccessible by motor vehicle. Some campsites are very rustic, with nothing more than a partially cleared area to park your car and set up camp. Such campsites are usually accessed by bumpy dirt roads. Others are more modern and lush, with paved roadways, fully cleared, spacious suites and amenities such as picnic tables and gas grills.

Car-camping offers opportunities for families to get closer to nature, spend time together, and yet still have some of the luxuries? Campground amenities can vary from primitive campsites to sites with water and electric hookups. Car-camping involves packing up all the items necessary for camping and driving to the campsite. In some cases, campers will also sleep inside of the car rather than a tent, which is generally safer. ( In bear areas) That said, the trick is to bring enough items that stand in for traditional homeland amenities while still reinforcing the pleasures of being outdoors

Remember to take good insect repellant though since mosquitoes may abound.

Car Camping