Camping Tips

Camping Tips


Camping-tips can make the difference between a relaxing, adventurous trip and a miserable, stressful experience. Camping- tips for beginners, a camping-checklist and many other useful articles can be found here. Browse through our many articles; take a few notes and start planning your family's Camping-adventure.


Pack it in bear-proof containers and pack it out with you. Many camping-areas are equipped with bear-proof garbage cans for your use. Pack a pad to put under your sleeping bag. Remember the rain flap for your tent. Pack light, and bring only what you need. If the weather is warm, it’s recommended to take a swimsuit, warm clothes for the evenings, and cooler outfits for the days.

Pack antiseptics for cuts and scrapes, tweezers, insect repellent, bug spray, a snakebite kit, pain relievers, and sunscreen. Pack your items in an organized manner. Items that you will need last can be placed in your vehicle first. Pack some light foundation, lip gloss, and mascara so you don't have to walk around with a naked face though.

Camping tips: Carry cereals and milk powder for breakfast. Avoid meat as they can spoil. Carry a compass, a map, and the knowledge of how to use them. Even if you don't have a good map. Or maybe GPS.

Tent camping is an inexpensive way to get started camping. Once you've experienced tent-camping, you tend to look at Trailer-camping to continue your excursions, and make them easier. Tent-camping includes car camping, canoe-camping and backpacking. You can car camp at state and national parks, forest service campsites, and even national chains of commercial campgrounds. Tent-camping can be fun and you need to choose the right type of tent to make it more enjoyable.

Meals should be 1-pot meals to keep cleanup to a minimum. Don't get too fancy with the meals - it's hard to chop onions; carrots at -10F with gloves on. Meals will be cooked outside and unless the weather is a torrential rainstorm, you will eat outside as well.

Avoid placing your tent right beside (or on) any game trails. Also, since bears will use trees as cover when approaching an area, and open site may be safer than a well-treed location. Avoid any questionable areas. Avoid cooking elaborate meals. Now admittedly, one of the joys of camping is cooking delicious campfire chow.

Camping Tip: Choose an LED lamp to enjoy the most light around the campground. A move able LED flashlight is more suitable for moving about the campground at dusk. Choose lightweight cotton clothing in light colors and with breathable room. You should also take along a hat and sunglasses.

One of the biggest camping-tips that I can give is, leave your Camping-site in better shape then you found it.

Camping Tips