Camping trailer is an American way and tradition which started during the year 1920s they were called at that time as tin can tourists. In fact we have gained a lot of experience about them since the early days of start of these trailers from less comfortable version to a more comfortable one. Now many people are okay with them and find it comfortable enough to dwell in for months together in a year if not the whole year through. These camping trailers come in many sizes right from a small pop-up trailer which looks just like a box, (which is towed away by a vehicle till the time they are stationed)  a large sized trailer that can be as big as a length of 65 feet or more.

    In fact there are some essential factors that should be considered in case it interests you for purchase. In United States, the same laws are applicable to these camping trailers as are recreational vehicles and other such groups of vehicles.

    The type of things the law includes is;

    -the hitch type  used to bond the vehicle to a car or a truck that is dragging it

    -the lights on the backside of the vehicle  must be operating,

    -there are also  some weight limitations imposed  which are not allowed for some  vehicles

    These things are different for different states, therefore it's mandatory to check on these regulations of the state of travel.

    There are few rules and regulations that are common and apply to all the states of United States. People are not allowed to ride on trailer when the vehicle which is towing is still moving. Class A driver license is required if the camping trailer has more weight than 10,000 lbs. The maximum space that is allowed is 400 square feet. Though they vary considerably in living space.

    The kind of automobile used is also considered that you will be driving. In case you own a compact vehicle at present, then to get yourself into the world of camping trailers , you will need to change your vehicle also. Smaller trailers for camping weigh less than 3000 lbs and are only 18 feet long, but they still need a bigger car at least. These small ones are mostly used for short distance traveling, but which may differ from person to person and also depend on your personal requirements.

    If you required larger space, with modern amenities, you can go for a camping trailers ranging unto 5000 lbs and up to 25 ft long which can be towed by V-8.If you still want more space, then you can go for the largest one which is about 40 feet in length and weight ranges up to 12000 lbs. This means a heavy duty truck.

    Be sure of your financial position as well before spending any money on these camping trailers. In case you running short of funds, you can still rent one. When your are financially ready only then spend your money into buying one of your own.

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Glamping has its roots in the early 1900s European and American safaris in Africa. Wealthy travellers accustomed to comfort and luxury did not want to sacrifice either, and their campsites and pampered wilderness lifestyles reflected it. Glamping is its modern equivalent, combining both yesterday's amenities and today's technology. Also called boutique camping, luxury camping, posh camping, or comfy camping, today's glamping features such structures as yurts, tipis, pods, bell tents, safari tents, tent cabins, and tree houses.[5] Glampsites range in price from as little as $50 per night to thousands of dollars per night, depending on amenities, which can include fresh bed linens, en suite washrooms, food service, and private verandas. Concept Glamping can exist on its own or encroach on traditional forms. In mid-2014, the City Manager of Black Rock City, Nevada described Burning Man, an annual event at nearby Black Rock Desert, as having "jumped the shark," when the 2014 event — which had been previously noted for core values of radical self-expression and self-reliance — featured incongruously posh VIP lounges, cell phone towers, and private jets.