Camping Season Is Here Again!

Yes, camping season is here. So, what do we need to get ready for our first camping trip of the season.

First, get out your camping gear and take it to area where you can lay it out to be inspected, like the back yard.

If you are going to use a tent, set it up. This is the best way to see if anything is missing, or if you have any damage. Wet the tent down, and check for leaks. Let dry before putting it a way. If you have a leak this is the time to fix it.

Check sleeping gear. Is it in good shape, no tears or worn out spots, clean. When was the last time you had it washed. This time to find out that it looks alright, but you can't sleep in it because it stinks. Most laundries have a big boy washer that will take care of things like sleeping bags.

Check your cooking gear. Is it clean, has all its parts, have you all the handles that you will need to handle it when its hot. Check for plates and flatware to eat with, add more.

Look over other things, ropes, knifes, ax, flashlights, lanterns, and water containers. Just to name a few things.

If you are not going to be camping in a tent, but you are going to be using your pop up trailer, travel trailer or motor home, here are a few things to check.

Gas, both for the engine and for cooking.

Flush out all water lines.

Check out any thing that use propane, stove, heater. Bugs like to craw in these things and stop up the gas flow. Don't want to find out the stove doesn't work, when you want to cook the fish you just catch.

If you plan a camp fire, you need starter, matches, wood, etc.

Make sure everything you need to set up you trailer, electric cord, water hose, sewer hose.

If you follow through with the above you will have no surprises that you don't want.

Drive safely, and have a good time!