Camping Books

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We carry Many book on camping. If you need to brush up an one area or another, we probability have a book that will cover it.

Have you been backpacking? Do know what to take backpacking or what not to take? What backpacking equipment is available? What Food to bring? What cooking equip you will need. All of these question will be answered, and many more.

Tent camping is where most people start there adventure in camping.

Do you know what it takes to go tent Camping? The equipment you will need to sleep, cook, start a fire. How about a check list? In this way you won't forget something. How about other types of camping.

The pop up trailer Is a tent on wheels. Yes, you could say this but a Pop Up is much more. Not only are you off that cold, hard ground, but you have your own beds, a stove, a sink, and in some cases a refrigerator. In some of the bigger pop ups you may even have air conditioner , nice on those hot nights or if you are trapped indoors because of bad weather. There are many things you must know before you tow your pop up. What type vehicle do I need? Can I tow it with my car?

What equipment I will need to hook up the pop up to water and electricity? We cover what to look for if you are planning on purchasing a pop up.

Travel trailers are home on wheels. They contain almost everything you have in your home. Most people want to know a bit more about them. This book does that.

Now for some of that special camping.

It's called car camping but in reality it's camping out of your car. Yes, you can camping you call her or maybe I should say sleep in your car.

With car camping you learn to pack your car for properly so that when you get to a site where you would be camping for the night you can easily get at what you will need. Depending on the size of your car, if you have an SUV or a station wagon you can sleep in your car this saves not only a lot of time but you don't have to carry a tent in the things that go with it.

Motorcycle camping is different from any other type of camping. Taking off into the sunset with the wind blowing In your hair, and being able to go just about anyplace is a rush. the biggest problem I motorcycle is finding a place to put everything, when you put on first when you take off first all of these are answered in motorcycle camping. I know some of you are thinking motorcycle camping is for a young person,but let me ask you this, the next time a group of motorcycles go by you on the highway take a look at the age of the motorcyclist.

Camping Books