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Backpacking Food

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Gourmet Backpacking Food | Camping Accessories
Backpacker's Pantry carries Organic Camping Food, Including: Organic Breakfast Dishes, Entrees, & Desserts. The Camping Food & Backpacking Food Authority.

Backpacking Trip Planning - Backpacking Food

Backpacking food - what to bring on the trip. When deciding what backpacking food to bring, there are many things to consider.

Backpacking Food -- Lightweight, Tasty, High Energy
Wondering what backpacking food to use for your menus? Look no further...

Backpacking Recipes - Food Made Easy

Helpful backpacking recipes to prepare light weight, filling and inexpensive food for your trip.

Adventure Alan's Ultralight Backpacking: Backpacking Food
Back to Adventure Alan's Ultralight Backpacking Home Page: This contains a wealth of information on backpacking with gear lists, trip reports, backpacking techniques for ...

Backpacking Recipes

Backpacker Magazine recently came out with a collection of articles to help backpackers “learn the art of winter cooking.” Although the articles were short, they had ...

Backpacking Recipes | Wild Backpacker
Don’t ditch taste just because you’re backpacking. Making your own backpacking meals is a great option compared to buying expensive freeze-dried or dehydrated meals.

Wilderness Dining -- Camping Food, Backpacking Food -- Experts in Adventure Cuisine! Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Food, and Cookware for Backpacking and Camping

Great selection of camping food and cookware for camp cooking.

Backpacking Food for the Soul

We're talking backpacking food, backpacking recipes, and how to dehydrate food for light-weight backpacking meals.

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Backpacking Food

The Camping Handbook (backpacking)
The Camping Handbook (backpacking)
We cover backpacking equipment and what you should do before you go backpacking. And of course we cover food that is easy to carry and easy to prepare...
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Backpacking food