Air Beds

Air bed

Camping air beds are a little like the blow up toys, but a bit larger, and you would use a pump to inflate them. They can be used in you tent the back of your SUV or Pick up truck. They come in handy if the kids have a sleep over or if your brother in law and family stop by for the week end.

If you have sleep on the ground while tent camping, and woke up with a stiff back you will love the air bed.

They cam be purchased at most sporting goods, or WalMart. Your back will thank you!

Whenever you choose a bed it is absolutely essential that you find one of the highest quality possible, because anything which affects your sleep pattern, or can give you an aching back or a bad spinal posture, is to be avoided as much as possible, and the only way you can do this is to buy a bed with a very firm sleeping surface, or, preferably, one that is adjustable. Inomax Air Beds can be a great choice in this way.

There are many different air beds out there, some for singles and some for doubles. One thing if you can get an air pump that works on your car battery. There is alot of air in a double air bed, as you would find out if you use a hand air pump.

Air beds