About Us

My name is Larry and my wife's name is Pat, and camping has been a big part of our lives. 

It seems like we have been camping must of our lives. It all started in my parent’s home, with a sheet placed over a couple dinning room chairs. Maybe not much of a tent, but it worked. I started real camping with the Boy Scouts. We did our camping in two men tents about once a month. 

This was the start of my camping, but I wanted more. When I got married and had a family of my own, then camping really start up again? 

We started out in a five-person tent. We would go to Silver Lake in Florida to camp and fish. This was fine until we ran into a water moccasin, no problems with the snake, but we felt sleeping on the ground with children not as safe as we could be. 

We ran into a gentleman who had a pop up trailer. We wanted the pop up, and he wants an air conditioner that we had. We made a deal. 

The next time we went to the lake we went with the pop up, safer yes, more comfortable a big yes

We were getting parts for the pop up one weekend, while I shopped for parts, the wife went looking around the dealer's lot, and found a 24-foot Terry. The price was right and with the trade in of the pop up. We now had a fully self-contained camper. 

I don’t know how long we camped in that but like everything we out grow it, and we still wanted to camp. A fifth wheel was our next adventure. 

About that time, we started Square Dancing and camping. If you like to dance and camp, this is the only way to go. We were out at least once a month, and once a year all the square dance camper of the state of Florida gets together for a weekend. So much fun. 

I guess the grass is green over the next hill; we upgraded to a large class A motor home, which had everything, including problems. It seamed every time we went out something broke. It was time to get something that didn’t spend as much time broken down. 

We pick up another fifth wheel. At this time our children were grown to the point that they had other things they wanted to do. That didn’t stop the wife and I from camping. 

Most of us live in areas that have a lot of attractions, like Sea World, Disney World, and many others. Do we go to them, not really? So a group of about 10 campers decided to see these attractions and camp at the same time. About once a month we would plan to go to one of the attractions and enjoy camping too. 

In 1998 my wife and I separated. I thought my camping was over, but to my surprise my new wife like camping as much as I do. She was also into gold mining. 

We took off one-weekend day for a gold mining and camping trip, in Georgia. That lasted just one-weekend, but the next weekend they were going to do the same thing in North Caroline. From there we just keep going, all the way to Calf. A weekend trip turned into the 11-month trip. By the way, we did get some gold, not much, but at today prices you don’t have to have much. I think we would still be out there, but our daughter was about to have her first child, and we wanted to be there for that. 

Not long after our daughter has her little baby girl. 

We found we were getting itchy feet again.A friend heard us talk about this trip so many times; he came by one day, and asks that if we could go in his car, would we take him. One of these city boys, that didn’t believe you could drive 100 miles and not see one tree. We took him to Death Valley, no trees. We headed out of Tampa, Florida, and went to most of the tourist traps from Florida to Calf. And back to Tampa. We camped in tents and a few times when the weather was bad, or we were too tired then we would go to a motel. We sure made a believer out of him. Camping stopped for a while, we wanted to go camping but there was always something that had to be done. In 2005 are trailer that we had made into a home in a nice RV park was hit by a hurricane. 

No damage from the winds but we were near a river that over flow, its banks and our trailer end up under 8 feet of water. In Florida's heat and moister don’t go together; we ended with black mold everywhere. The health department stated that you couldn’t live in that. 

It came down to a choice, start over where we were or move on. Moving on, win out. We purchased a used motor home with our planes to head for Arizona, do some gold mining after that as the weather got a warmer head down to Baja California. For the winter afterwards go were we wanted from there? Between motor home problems and hurricane Katrina, and gas going to about four dollars per gallon we were forced to stay in the hill country of Texas. This is we are now, for a while. However, this is not the end of our camping; we will be out there again. 

In trying to get this information out to new campers, I have started writing E books, that cover in more detail Camping, tents, Pop up trailers, travel and fifth wheel trailers, and of course Motor homes. They can be purchased on Amazon.com as e-books for Kindle, or here on this site under the name of camping-books. 

Well we are back to camping full time.